• Studio U is proud to host APPI Pilates Equipment Training

APPI Rehabilitation Pilates Method

One of the world’s most popular Pilates training programs is now here in the USA. APPI Pilates teaches you a fully integrated Pilates program that appi usa logo_final can be used in any clinical setting, this highly popular Pilates equip-ment training series is also currently run throughout the UK & Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. The program is dedicated to detailed and accurate Pilates teaching. Based on the most up to date evidence of spinal stability, pelvic stability, strength and conditioning and pain — this is the essential Pilates training tool for all health professionals. The traditional repertoire has been adapted and modified to be suitable for all levels, most importantly, every exercise has a clinical reason as to why you would choose that exercise for your client.

Research has shown that specific retraining of the deep abdominal muscles reduces the recurrence rate of low back pain. Evidence from Hides (2003), Hodges (2006, 2008, 2009), Mosely (2006), Jull (2004), and many more have shown us the relevance of motor control theories and their clinical use. Combining this knowledge with that of the Global Sling theories, Andry Vleeming, Dianne Lee and others have led to the APPI Pilates Method being the most scientifically sound of all the Pilates training in the world today.