What is TRX?

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In the never-ending quest to find new ways to work our bodies into better condition, new exercise methods are constantly in development. But sometimes, those innovations have a long background.

Take TRX, for example. The unique suspension training system that’s been getting more attention was fully developed in the Navy Seals, but some of the ideas related to it stretch back to rope training that’s been around for centuries. However, because of the demand for finely-tuned athleticism in the SEALS, it was developed into a workout that’s ideal for building strength and agility.

So, what exactly does TRX involve? The program is based around using straps with handles to harness your body weight and use it as resistance, building your core, muscular strength and overall endurance. TRX workouts can vary quite a bit and even be specialized to maximize performance for specific sports like golf or soccer.

TRX exercises can be adapted for beginner, intermediate or advanced workouts, but to make sure that you’re not pushing yourself beyond a healthy limit and working within your body’s current abilities, it’s a good idea to work with a personal trainer. If you want to combine physical therapy and TRX, it’s important that you work with a professional who can guide you through an appropriate program. Studio U’s trainers and therapists can help get you started with TRX, or, if you’re already a fan, they can guide you through new, advanced TRX exercise that will get you into top physical form.