• Learn proper muscle and joint function for effortless, pain-free movement with Studio U's Block Therapy

What is Block Therapy?

Block Therapy is a powerful fascia release technique. Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds and holds all the cells in our body together. Over time, adhesions can develop in your fascia through injuries, poor posture, surgeries, aging, and more. These adhesions cause pain or discomfort. In Block Therapy, we release the adhesions and learn to re-train the body with movement patterns, versus working individual muscles.

Block Therapy Private Sessions

Studio U offers private Block Therapy sessions, either virtual or in-person. 


Props Needed

Block Therapy uses rolled up towels for props, or a Block Buddy if you have one.

A Block Buddy can be purchased through a Block Therapy Starter Package that includes:

  • Block Buddy, Block Baby, or both
  • Introductory &¬†Explanatory Videos
  • 9 Day Full Body Fascia Program
  • Introductory Positions & Descriptions
  • 14 Day Block Therapy Membership Trial (no credit card required)


Kristin Procopio

Kristin Procopio, MPT is the founder of Studio U and is a licensed physical therapist, senior pilates instructor, and certified block therapist. Read more about Kristin in her full bio.

Anna McConville

Anna McConville, DPT, PT, CST is a licensed physical therapist, pilates instructor, and certified block therapist. Read more about Anna in her full bio.