Resolution Check-in: What to Do Now to Make it Stick

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After the turn of the year, gyms are jammed and a lot more feet are pounding the running trails. But after a few weeks, the initial burst of activity dwindles as New Year’s resolutions fade from memory, get pushed out of schedules – or simply stop due to injury from trying to do a little too much a little too fast.

So, how’s your resolution doing? If it’s not where it was on Jan. 2, don’t beat yourself up too much. Making the commitment to improve your fitness routine over the course of a year is a serious endeavor – and generally one that requires a bit of support and help. Instead of feeling ashamed or frustrated, this is a great time to make a more realistic assessment of what you hope to accomplish – and how you’re going to do it.

A meeting with a personal trainer is a great idea, no matter how your resolution is coming along. They can help you create a logical plan that’s in tune with your body and its capabilities (both current and future). Not only that, but meeting with a supportive trainer can provide you with an outside source of motivation.

If you hurt yourself in the rush to make immediate progress, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up. Seeing a physical therapist can help in a couple of ways. First, they can help you determine the best way to heal. Second, they can show you techniques that will help prevent further injury. And third, they can help put you back on track toward your goals in a smart, safe way.

This year, don’t let the resolution slump foil your fitness plans. Give Studio U a call, even if you don’t have a resolution yet – we can help you find one, and help you accomplish your goals for 2013.