• Small classes allow instructors to customize training to individual needs and goals

In addition to the core classes listed below, new services are continually added as well as specialized instruction for golfers, women’s health issues and cancer survivors. Contact our Studio to discuss your specific needs.

Reformer Classes:

Classic Pilates at its best. This is the most popular piece of equipment for a reason. Its unique resistance properties, coupled with the gliding fluidity of the movements enable you to tone, align, balance … to REFORM your body. The fundamentals of form and breath are always addressed, but the choreography is always changing so the classes are never repetitive or boring. Leave each class feeling longer, taller and more centered than you ever imagined possible.

4 person max

60 minute equipment class: $40, 8 pack for $35/class must be used within 30 days

Power Plate Classes:

30 minute classes on the Power Plate that starts with the foundation of Pilates; adds highly targeted, small movements designed to sculpt arms, abs, butt and thighs of traditional barre and/or the larger sculpting moves of fitness classes and shakes it all up to defeat cellulite faster.

3 person max

30 minute class: $20/class

Mat Based Classes:

These classes are designed to challenge the fundamental Pilates movement patterns using small props, springs or no equipment at all. Classes include mat/springs and Pilates circuit.

6-10 person max

60 minute class: $20/class


CoreAlign is designed to improve posture, balance and functional movement patterns by stimulating the core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, very deep stretches and core controlled aerobic training. This method of fitness is used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement and as a basis for an overall strong body and healthy lifestyle.

3 person max

60 minute equipment class: $40, 8 pack for $35/class must be used within 30 days

Suspension/Aerialates Training:

Studio U's suspension training classes combine work with the trapeze, fabrics and TRX with Pilates. The classes are a whole body, ground-based workout that puts a fun and challenging twist on your standard resistance routine. It's the perfect way to build strength and stamina for more advanced performance.

3 person max

30 minute equipment class: $20

Pole Fitness Classes:

Add some spice to your happy hour or lunch hour with Pole Fitness Classes at Studio U, presented by Frestyl Fitness. If you have never tried pole fitness, get ready for a fun and empowering new workout that will have you addicted. For class schedule, descriptions, and sign-up, visit the Frestyl Fitness website at www.frestylfitness.com or call 507-351-7805.

$30 / class
$125 for 5-class pass or $200 for 10-class pass (valid for 9 months), $90 for six-week series (valid for 3 months)