Studio U has implemented new policies and procedures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please know that these new procedures are out of respect and responsibility to every one of our clients who trust us to be caring for their health—and the Studio U community as a whole.

As we re-open we will start with private sessions only. Group classes will continue in a virtual format for the time being. We will slowly add in classes when we feel it is safe to do so. (And yes, virtual sessions are still an option for privates!)

Two notes are of importance:

  • Due to additional cleaning and safety procedures, we are shortening all (virtual and in person) sessions. 60-minute sessions will be shortened to 50 minutes; 30-minute sessions will now be 25 minutes. This is in addition to increasing time slots between booked appointments.
  • Masks covering your nose and mouth are required at all times to enter both the building and Studio U. Bring your own mask, if you do not have a mask at the time of your session, we will supply you with a disposable one.

Studio Safety and Sanitation – How we’re making our space as safe as possible:

  • All equipment is placed to allow for at least 6 feet between participants for all types of sessions.
  • Equipment straps and handles have been covered in vinyl to more easily clean and disinfect and all the sheepskin covers have been removed.
  • The lobby waiting area and lockers will not be available for use.
  • The staff will be cleaning all the surfaces used in each session as well as the lobby after each client.

General Health Guidelines – The promise we all make to each other:

For all of our individual safety, the day prior and day of the appointment staff and clients have to meet the criteria below:

  • No symptoms of illness (fever, shortness of breath, dry cough, sore throat, loss of taste or smell)
  • No recent close contact with anyone who has been ill
  • When traveling by plane, you’ve allowed yourself 2 weeks to quarantine before your session

Day of Details – What is the new Studio U normal?

  • Dress in the clothes you are going to wear for your session. The fitness center is locked and there is not an area for you to change in. Prior to entering the studio, remove any clothing that will not be worn during your session in the hallway.
  • Park in the guest parking located on the lobby level of the parking ramp. The Lobby entrance from the parking ramp is the only door that will be unlocked for security reasons.
  • If possible, leave personal items locked in your car. There are two racks in the studio to hang your jackets and place your shoes on in the entry. There are bins in each of the workout spaces to safely store your small personal items. The lockers will be off limits for sanitation reasons.
  • The lobby restrooms are the only restrooms available for use before, during or after your session. The fitness center is locked so there is no restroom available on Studio U’s floor.
  • The studio door will be locked and your instructor will invite you in when it is time for your session. We ask that you wait in the hallway outside the studio, with appropriate social distancing of 6 feet. If you are late we will not be able to extend your session because of all we need to do to prepare for our next client. However, if we are the ones that are late we will make sure to give you your full 25 or 50 minutes.
  • A mask is required and we will ask you to sanitize your hands as you enter the studio. Your instructor will also sanitize their hands at this time.
  • When leaving the studio, you may use the waiting area to put on your outerwear, but please be mindful of the next client that would like to be let in.
  • On your first session back in the studio we will ask you to sign a consent form to work with us.
  • If you need to contact your instructor, please text them directly:
    Kristin: 612-396-9780
    Loryn: 612-968-9261
    Sarah: 952-797-3141
    Amy: 718-928-8107

This is an ever-changing situation we are all dealing with and things may be adjusted or changed as we learn more from both state guidance and how things are working within the practicalities of keeping Studio U safe in this new normal. We thank you for your understanding and continued support.