Pilates for Beginners

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pilates for beginners

Pilates – you’ve heard celebrities mention it a thousand times, read about the results it produces and probably have seen DVDs at the store, just waiting to be taken home and tried out. But for those who don’t know where to begin, it’s important to get to know pilates a bit better before jumping right in.

The pilates fitness method owes its name to its developer, Joseph Pilates. In the early 20th century, he developed the system to strengthen the body, and it was enthusiastically taken up by a small group, many of whom were dancers who benefitted from its emphasis on core strength, flexibility and flowing movements.

Fittingly, the “powerhouse” is at the center of the pilates ideology. This term refers to your core, the muscular center from which your pilates movements should originate, including your abs, lower back muscles, hip muscles and glutes, among others. That fundamental idea is one that runs through all pilates exercises, and it’s the first thing anyone interested in pilates should learn.

A full-fledged pilates routine involves working on a number of exercise apparatuses developed by Joseph Pilates. And since those machines cost thousands of dollars and take up quite a bit of room, it makes sense to start by going to pilates classes aimed at beginners. Not only will you have access to a complete workout that you can’t quite get at home, having a trained pilates instructor will make sure that you’re doing the exercises safely and effectively. Studio U offers private pilates classes with personal trainers and physical therapists as well as group classes.