Prepping for Spring: Getting Back Outdoors

Even after a very mild winter, spring sunshine and warmer temperatures are downright irresistible. The urge to get outside is as strong as ever, and everyone is looking for a good excuse to be outdoors. Naturally, the opportunity to exercise outside is one that most of us want to capitalize on, but jumping back into a routine just because the sun is shining isn’t the best strategy.

The combination of feeling out of shape after winter and eagerness to start a new routine can tempt you into pushing yourself hard right away. Though the temptation to challenge yourself is strong, so is the possibility that you’ll over-do it and end up with an injury that could put a damper on your plans for spring and summer activities.

Taking a gradual approach is always the smartest idea, whether you want to increase your activity level or try a new fitness routine. However, knowing where to start and how to incrementally raise the intensity of your workout can be difficult. By working with a personal trainer, you can get customized advice that’s right for you and your body – and you can get it whether you choose one-on-one personal training or group personal training.

Working with a professional – either a personal trainer or a physical therapist – is even more important if you have been recovering from a past injury. Either can help you focus your efforts in a way that will both keep your recovery on track and allow you to work toward your new fitness goals. Studio U offers both personal training and physical therapy options that will help get you ready for a healthy return to outdoor activity.