What is Power Plate and Who Can it Help?

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What is power plate

Power Plate is a buzzword that’s popping up again and again in the fitness world lately, but not everyone is familiar with just what it is. Beyond simply knowing what Power Plate is, it’s important to know how the technology can help you.

The Power Plate machine is designed to create whole-body vibrations that add extra intensity to a workout. The vibrations trigger a muscular response, causing them to contract 30 to 50 times per second. That’s the key to the impressive results that can be achieved with Power Plate vibration training – those extra contractions translate to stronger muscles.

Power Plate exercise programs can benefit just about anyone who is looking for a good, muscle-building workout. However, there are added benefits. Because a Power Plate workout is non-impact, it’s a great option for people who suffer from painful conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia and osteoporosis. The pain associated with those conditions often prevents people from working out, so Power Plate training opens up a whole new world of pain-free, impact-free workouts, whether the motivation is to shed some pounds or to simply build strength.

Working with a personal trainer can maximize any Power Plate workout, particularly if you’re new to the technology, recovering from an injury or suffering from a chronic pain condition. Not only can a trainer help guide you through using the machine effectively, they can also ensure that you’re moving your body correctly, to prevent injury and get the most out of your workout. Studio U offers 30-minute private sessions focused strictly on Power Plate exercise, or 60-minute sessions that combine Power Plate and Pilates.