Aerialates: Is it the Right Workout for You?

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Aerialates - A Circus Inspired Workout

So you followed Mom’s advice and resisted the urge to go off and join the circus – but doesn’t swinging through the air still sound like a lot of fun? For those who might have harbored dreams of being part of a flying trapeze act, you can get a taste of that thrill, all while getting a good workout, by trying out aerialates.

Aerialates is the meeting point of pilates and the aerial arts, in which you use pilates techniques while suspended, using trapeze or fabric bands for support, the way circus performers would. When you consider that Joseph Pilates, founder of the Pilates method, was an acrobat and circus performer, it makes sense that aerialates would be the next step beyond pilates.

What’s surprising about aerialates is that it can be done by virtually anyone. It might sound extreme, but people of all ages and fitness levels have started from scratch and found benefits – as have people of higher fitness levels.

However, if you’ve never tried aerialates before, it’s important that you work with one of Studio U’s trainers to get started the right way. You won’t be able to jump right into the most impressive moves, but instead, you’ll begin work on a process that builds strength and coordination gradually and safely. With a little patience and some satisfying aerial workouts, you’ll work your way up to more challenging exercises that will satisfy your inner circus performer.