Aerialates Lets You in on the Body Leverage Training Trend

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aerialatesThey say that everything that’s old becomes new again, and that’s certainly the case for exercise trends based on body resistance. As we’ve discussed in the past, TRX training traces back for centuries to a rope-training system used by Andean civilizations. Another of Studio U’s areas of expertise, aerialates, is also a modern take on using body resistance – and one that gives you the opportunity to have some high-flying fun while you’re at it.

Taking your exercise from a chore to an enjoyable experience might be as simple as re-imagining it as play time. Aerilates, which combines pilates with the aerial arts you might more commonly associate with circus performers, is an ideal way to break the have-to-go-to-the-gym routine. However, the fun of the class is evenly weighed with the results it can produce. Through the natural resistance provided by your body weight, you build strength, and the pilates movements only add to that, as well as encouraging good posture and lengthening of muscles.

Bringing awareness to your body and movements is yet another benefit of aerialates. When you’re depending on your body as a resistance tool, you become acutely aware of the way you move and how those movements affect what you’re attempting to do. Having an experienced aerialates instructor teaching your class is important, as she can help you move in the right ways to enhance strength and avoid injury.