Healing Advice: Advanced Physical Therapy

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Physical TherapyIf it hurts to move in a certain way, or you feel a pain when you do a particular activity – enough that it bothers you on a regular basis – it’s time to see a physical therapist. But if you’re recovering from a serious illness, injury or surgery, advanced physical therapy will likely be a necessity for you.

Rehabilitation physical therapy (or rehab physical therapy) can be a slow process, but it’s essential to go at a sensible pace that allows you to rebuild your strength and capabilities over time. Whether your strength’s been sapped or you need to learn new ways to move, it’s important that you give yourself time. Celebrate incremental achievements along the way, rather than focusing on a rushed recovery.

Studio U’s physical therapy services can accommodate a wide variety of needs, including those of clients seeking advanced physical therapy. We work with you to restore function, minimize pain, prevent re-injury and promote the ability to move comfortably and effectively. Working with a therapist one-on-one allows for the creation of a customized plan that focuses on your unique needs, goals and abilities.

The central goal of physical therapy is improving quality of life. Whether that means restoring your ability to move after an injury or learning to deal with a physical impairment or disability, seeking the help of a physical therapist can be a life-changing decision.