Pilates Practice: Three Exercises for the CoreAlign Machine

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aerialates exerciseWhether you’re just getting started with pilates or are eager to take your training to the next tier, the CoreAlign machine is going to play a big role. As we’ve mentioned before, the machine is made up of a frame with a ladder, two side-by-side tracks at the base, and moving platforms on each track. It’s an ideal solution for building strength and fine-tuning balance.

Working with a physical therapist or personal trainer is generally the best approach to using the CoreAlign. Not only can they help ensure that you’re moving your body effectively and safely, but they design a program around the goals you hope to achieve. These are just some of the exercises you might encounter, whether you’re combining pilates and physical therapy, or just looking to tone up.

  • Standing lunge: With one foot on the ground and one on one of the machine’s tracks, carefully and slowly slide forward into a lunge and then return back to a standing position. This requires both balance and muscle control to keep from sliding forward too fast and to maintain body position as you return to standing.
  • Abdominal exercises: Sitting on the platforms and holding on to straps attached to the ladder, use the abs to curl your body and slide the plates forward. Another option is to extend the legs outward and the classic pilates “hundreds.”
  • Curtsy: Standing close to and holding onto the ladder, with one foot on each plate, lift the heel and bend one knee to come down into a curtsy position. The key is to ensure that the bent leg stays directly under the hip.